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Our Story

Our journey to becoming Twisted Pine Farms began in a round-about way. About 8 years ago, Steve's Amish relatives were coming to town from Indiana.  It was sleeting outside and we would have to drive 15 miles on slick roads to meet them.  As we debated if this was the right choice for our growing family of 6 kiddos, Steve said, "How is this really going to change our lives anyhow?"  I didn't say much as decisions about his family I left up to him.  We ended up going to the reunion and were immediately greeted by his Amish cousin who gave Steve a big hug at the door and then proceeded to chat with him for the next 4 hrs.  When we left, he told Steve, "Come to Indiana!"  Steve lay in bed that night with excitement and said, "Steph, we're going to Indiana!"  So, that summer, we made the haul to Nappanee, IN to visit his relatives.  While visiting and staying with his cousin, we got to take a buggy ride around the county.  What we noticed was that many Amish, as their oldest daughter got old enough, would suddenly put up a barn. That's where they had  weddings, church service,  and had enough space to have 50 people over at a whim. This is where the idea came to build the barn.  We love entertaining and being a place where family and friends can feel welcome. A few years later, we moved to the country and found the perfect spot for a barn.  While still enjoying hosting family and friends,  we also get to help others enjoy family and friends as we became an event space!  We love being a part of people's most special celebrations!  So, yes, did that one reunion change our lives?  it sure did!

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